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Welcome to Reiki with Kish,

If you’ve had Reikii healing before you already know just how amazing it can be in putting your life back in balance.


If you haven’t had any Reiki healing before, you’re truly lucky as you’re about to discover the ‘magic’ of energy work.  Through Reiki your body is able to tap into a universal energy and use it to help heal your physical body, emotions, stress as well as mind and spirit.  


It’s simple and non-invasive and wonderful at bringing a great sense of calm and relaxation – many people fall into a deep, relaxing sleep during their treatment.


Let your inner light shine!


With universal blessings


Kish x


Let your inner light shine



I wholeheartedly recommend Kish for her calm, open and focused reiki practice. I have had a number of sessions with Kish over the years and more focused recently and can say without reservation that I feel the benefits of her healing!!


Penrose Avenue, Watford, UK

0788 4444841

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